Welcome to PB multi-sport UK. Firstly what does PB stand for? Well, if you look at it from a sportsperson perspective then it would stand for personal best. Which would seem quite relevant for a sport company, right?… However, the red and white PB logo and name is a bit more personal than what most assume it to be. It is in fact the initials of the company owners and race directors, Pamela and Ben.

Not only are they partners in business, there’re also happily married…It works well most of the time. Pam and Ben bring you a top quality service that will positively satisfy your sporting needs. From well organised sporting events to top quality performance coaching for all levels in all sports.

Pamela and Ben do not believe in a corporate image, it’s just not the way to go. We provide a professional yet more importantly family friendly atmosphere to all of our services and our overwhelming feedback will prove to you that we’re all about the smiles.

We look forward to seeing you on the start line

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