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  • Watt bike access
  • Technique improvement and cycling efficiency
  • Testing
  • Coaching programs

Cycling is one of our favourites here at PB multi-sport uk, that’s probably because we spend a lot of time in North Yorkshire. With amazing roads, scenery and some amazing climbs who would’nt like the dales. But those rides can be long and painful.

Cycling is a sport where gains are tremendously noticeable at a faster rate than other sports. It requires you to sit a somewhat awkward position for prolonged periods of time. Conditioning is vital in cycling, of course it’s important in others too, but core stability amongst other components are key to a successful cyclist.

With more cycling events cropping up around the country, inducing our fantastic Skyscraper sportive, more people are jumping on the wagon to this stress free sport.

If you want to get fit to cycle to work or your training for Race Across America then we’ll help you get there.

For more information on cycling coaching then send us a message through our contact page.