• Age: 19
  • Home County: North Yorkshire
  • Club: Leeds Triathlon Centre
  • 10km PB: 36:38
  • Best TT result: 22:17 for 10 miles
  • 400m swim: 5:06 1500m swim: 19:39
  • Cheat meal: Pizza
  • Pre race routine: Set up transition as early as possible, easy warm up jog followed by some strides, stretch whilst listening to music (usually Eminem or the Prodigy), then just stay relaxed till the start.
  • Whats your strongest discipline: Cycling
  • What do you do to get your of bed for early morning sets: Set 2 alarms, 2 minutes apart, so that I don’t fall back to sleep in between, and start getting ready before I realise how early it is!
  • Biggest inspiration: Jan Frodeno
  • Advice to beginners: The biggest time gains are made on the bike, once you’re strong on the bike, then focus more on the swim and the run.
  • Favourite quote: Some sessions are stars, and some are stones, but they’re all rocks and we build upon them. – Brett Sutton

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