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  • Video analysis (speed variations)              7389121
  • Technique and biomechanic adjustments
  • Economy running
  • Injury prevention
  • Testing
  • Coaching programs

Welcome to the running coaching page. Unlike swimming, humans were actually built for running and barefoot too. Have you ever tried to run with no shoes on? of course you have and from your experience you’ll have discovered that

  1. it doesn’t feel natural
  2. it hurts!!!

The reason for the above are simple. We’re born with no shoes on and our parents place shoes on our feet as soon as they fit. Have you ever seen a toddler trying to in the house? they’ll run on their toes, using a forward force they run (quite well) until they, most of the time, fall over and laugh about it. What you’re seeing there is natural human running.

Over the years, we’ve constantly got these things on our feet which ultimately take us away from the natural gait we’re born with. Running with trainers on is absolutely fine, however the way we’re used to it as a result of trainers is wrong.

The heel strike like most of use, has a lot of stress on the body, running on your toes (like your supposed too) is natural, faster and more efficient. However it takes, time, strength and fitness in order to undo and redo. Its an interesting journey, changing ones running gait and we can help you.

Be amore efficient runner, faster runner and injury free and you’ll achieve your PB in no time.

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