Services Offered

  • Video Analysis (underwater/surface)
  • Technique Improvement
  • Testing
  • Multiple Stroke Coaching
  • Coaching Programs

Whether you’re an aspiring country swimmer or someone just looking to win their local swimming competition, PB coaching will get you there. Swimming can be a daunting activity, however the health benefits from swimming are staggering.

Known as the most approved form cardiovascular discipline, swimming will strengthen your body in many ways you thought it wouldn’t. 1899499_466017533500104_1680631946_o Its low impact element means that your body is not constantly under stress from exercise thus allowing for a higher volume and intensity.

Don’t worry however, swimming is not all fitness and you don’t have to be super fit to do it. Did you know that swimming is 70% technique and 30% fitness, so if you nail the former, you’re laughing.

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